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Men's Bracelet Black Mood II

Trendy tough men's bracelet Black Mood, matte facet, gold-plated pieces, black steel charm, gold-plated Panther, (10 mm)

JayC's Men's bracelet Bali Skull
Sold out

Men's bracelet Bali Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Bali, facet black onyx, mix black/grey obsidian, steel beads skull, (10 mm)


Ladies Bracelet Charlyn

Tough ladies bracelet basic Charlyn, facet orange, gold-plated pieces, (10 mm)


Men's Bracelet Doubt Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Doubt, mat black silver color charm skull, (10 mm)

JayC's Men's bracelet Blue Lagoon
Sold out

Men's bracelet Blue Lagoon

Trendy basic men's bracelet Blue Lagoon, facet light blue, copper color spacers, (8 mm)


Men's Necklace Guardian

Cool trendy men's necklace Guardian black gloss, black facet gloss, facet mat, black, lava, matte black, steel hanger Skull, (8 mm)


Men's Bracelet Sign of the Time Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Sign of the Time, painted blue, gold-colored Skull, (5x8 mm)


Men's Necklace Rujadar Cross

Stoere trendy men's necklace Rujadar, facet black, black shine, facet mat black, lava, steel beads Skull, steel Cross, (10 mm)

JayC's Men's chain Ryvano Skull
Sold out

Men's chain Ryvano Skull

Trendy trendy men's chain Ryvano, facet black, black gloss, facet mat black, lava, Swarovski charms black Swarosvki Skull, (10 mm)

JayC's Men's bracelet Amsterdam
Sold out

Men's bracelet Amsterdam

Trendy basic men's bracelet Amsterdam, facet-painted blue, silver-colored waistcoats, (8 mm)


Men's Necklace Nervana Cross

Trendy men's necklace Nervana, mat black, lava black/grey, steel pendant silver colour Cross, (10 mm)


Men's Necklace Heritage Cross

Trendy trendy men's necklace Heritage, facet black, black shine, facet mat black, lava, steel beads Skull, pendant Cross, (10 mm)


Kids Bracelet Mahmood Skull

Trendy kids bracelet Mahmood Skull, black lava hematite, mix green, tiger-eye, facet black, silver colored Skull charm, silver colored spacers JayC's, (8 mm)


Men's bracelet Yaya

Tough trendy men bracelet Yaya, hematite silberfarbe, matte black,(10 mm)


Men's bracelet Red Devil

Trendy men's bracelet Red Devil, mixed red, bettel Swarosvki Black, (10 mm)


Men's Bracelet Radar Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Radar Skull, lava darkgrey, lava black, tiger-eye, Black colour Skull, (10 mm)


Ladies Bracelet Douvle Buddha

Trendy ladies bracelet Douvle, lava black, brown, bronze steel charm Buddha, (8 mm)

JayC's Men's Necklace Andalucia
Sold out

Men's Necklace Andalucia

Trendy trendy men's necklace Anadulsion, cat-eye, facet black, black gloss, facet mat black, mat cat-eye, lava, steel beads black, gold skull


Men's Bracelet Bullseye

Trendy men's bracelet Bullseye, facet mix black Weiss, Swarovski Charms, (10 mm)

JayC's Unisex  bracelet Manjana Buddha
Sold out

Unisex bracelet Manjana Buddha

Trendy unisex bracelet Manjana, mate tibetan agate, steel bronzecolor Buddha charm, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Gilimanuk Panther

Tough trendy men bracelet Gilimanuk, black, swarovski spacers, charm black panther,(10 mm)


Men's Bracelet Skeleton

Trendy tough men's bracelet Skeleton, hematite facet gray / silver color, steel bead Skull, (10 mm)


Men's Bracelet Black Gold Skull

Trendy Strong Men's Bracelet Black Gold, Tiger-Eye, Black With Gold Skull, (10 mm)

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