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    Gemstone bracelets

    Gemstone Bracelets

    Gemstone bracelets are one of those accessories that can give any outfit an instant boost and exclusive look. JayC's Menbeads has many gemstone bracelets. Combined with unique charms, our semi-precious stones make for beautiful, handmade bracelets.

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    View our semi-precious stone bracelets below and read more about the meaning of (semi-)precious stones. Do you have any questions about our products or gemstones? Please contact us via [email protected] or (0031)0611001745.


    A gemstone is a mineral, or a substance that forms naturally without human intervention. A gemstone can be millions of years old and is characterised by its rarity, hardness, purity and beauty. Most gemstones consist of two or three minerals and come in many shapes, sizes and colours. The most precious are diamond, ruby and emerald.

    Precious stones have existed for a very long time, and have always been used for their - as yet - unproven healing properties. At that time, there was often no medicine and therefore people used plants, herbs and gemstones. Soon people noticed that the gemstones had an influence on their complaints and that they felt protected by these stones from nature.

    Gemstones as medicine, what about it?

    When holding a gemstone, some people experience a pleasant tingling or warm feeling. It is assumed that this is due to the vibration the stone gives off. Everything on earth consists of atoms and has an energetic vibration. This vibration is generated by electrons revolving around the nucleus of the atom, or rather, vibrating. Some stones give off energy very quickly, others work more slowly. The healing effect of gemstones, however, has never been scientifically proven.

    Gemstone meanings

    The different types of gemstones all have different meanings when we look at their healing properties. We will explain them below.

    Agate gemstone

    Medicinal effects have been attributed to agate for centuries. This is because the vibrations of this gemstone work directly on the body. Agate seems to be good for expectant mothers, since Agate protects the new (growing) life and gives confidence in the natural body processes. Agate also seems to give confidence and make childbirth easier. Here one wears a quiet agate at navel level. Agate also helps with stomach ailments, cramps, fever, eye ailments, epilepsy and drunkennesst.

    Jade Gemstone

    Jade is a common name for two minerals used as gemstones: Jadeite and Nephrite. Jade has many different colors. These include greenish brown, black and white. The Jade gemstone is said to have healing properties. For example, a Jade pendant can relieve or cure kidney disease.
    The Jade gemstones work as they say - mainly physically - in other words: healing, protecting and cleansing.


    Amber is said to help with anxiety, phobia, depression, severe fatigue, hysteria, asthma, rheumatism and infections. It is said to protect the airways and thyroid and ward off evil glances.


    The Cat's Eye gemstone is said to open "the third eye. This has a warming effect and helps against asthma, intestinal cramps and eye diseases. It also strengthens the airways and protects against angry looks.


    The Onyx gemstone is said to help with accidents, fretting, deafness, tinnitus, circulatory disorders and restlessness and to promote concentration. It also promotes a happy marriage.

    Tiger's eye is known as a gemstone with beneficial effects against asthma and colds. It would also help against intestinal cramps. Furthermore, the Tiger Eye gemstone would offer protection from negative influences.


    Rhodonite bestows energy and helps against lethargy, Parkinson's disease and irritability. It is said to calm exaggerated reflexes and enhance memory. The Rhodonite gem also regulates cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. All this together therefore provides extra energy.


    This stone discolors in illness and danger, strengthens good taste, gives happiness, makes contented, repels the evil eye. Is good for the liver, kidneys and promotes decisiveness. Helps against hot flashes. Helps in processing negative experiences, attracts the good.


    Unakite gemstones are said to help against infections and weakness of will. It is also said to be grounding and detoxifying. Good for the bronchi. Gives great energy when worn consistently and strengthens the liver and stomach.




    Please note that no rights can be derived from this, in case of complaints you should always consult your GP first.

    What are semi-precious stones?

    JayC's Menbeads bracelets are made from durable semi-precious stones from Bali. These are rocks or minerals that are loved for their special appearance. Examples of semi-precious stones (we used to call them semi-precious stones) are lapis lazuli, quartz varieties such as Amethyst, tiger eye or turquoise. Handmade jewelry will really shine because of this and because of this, the semi-precious stone is a material we like to use when composing our bracelets.

    Contact JayC's Menbeads

    We are happy to tell you more about our bracelets and about (semi-)precious stones. Would you like to know more? Then contact us at [email protected] or 0611001745 and we will be happy to help you.




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