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Men's bracelet JayC's VII

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's VII, mixed green, white, beige, steel bead matt metalblack color, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet JayC's VIII

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's VIII, hematiet facet goldcolor, steel bead Bronze, (10 mm)

JayC's Men's bracelet Leonard
Sold out

Men's bracelet Leonard

Trendy men's bracelet Leonard, goldcolor Lava, mat mix facet black, Swarovski charms, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet XI

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's IX, Labradoriet facett mixed grey, steel bead gunmetal black, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet JayC's VI

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's IV, sodalite mixed blue, steel bead gunmetal black color, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Wrap-Around Renaissance

Trendy men's bracelet wrap-around Renaissance, mat white howlith, steel bead bronscolor Buddha, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet X

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's IX, red jasper facett mixed red, steel bead gunmetal black, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet LXM

Trendy men's bracelet LXM, facet tiger-eye, mix light blue, JayC's bronze coloured spacer, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Remorse

Tough trendy men's bracelet Remorse, facet mix brown red, charm golden Skull, JayC's gunmetal black spacers.(5x6 mm)


Men's bracelet JayC's XVI

Trendy men's bracelet JayC's IX, mixed green malachite, steel bead gunmetal black, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Red Devil

Trendy men's bracelet Red Devil, mixed red, bettel Swarosvki Black, (10 mm)


Men's Skull bracelet Balor

Trendy men's bracelet Balor, coral red, facet black, black, tiger-eye, golden charm Skull, golden JayC's spacers, (8 mm)


Men's bracelet Jerry

Trendy men's bracelet Jerry, silvercolor lava, blue tiger-eye, (10 mm)


Men's Skull bracelet Dolce Gusto

Trendy men's bracelet Dolce Gusto, facet black, facet matt black, green, black charm, black skull charm, black gunmetal JayC's spacers, Skull, (10 mm)


Men's Bracelet Magnet Braeden

Trendy tough men's bracelet Magnet Braeden, Tibetan dzi agate facet white/orange, magnetic closure steel silver-grey JayC's, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Gentlemen Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Gentlemen, facet light blue agate, mat mix grey obsidian, gold color charms Skull, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Blend

Trendy men's bracelet Blend, tiger-eye green, steel bead goldcolor screw, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Navarro I

Trendy trendy men's basic bracelet Navarro I, matte mix green serpentine, copper-colored spacers, (10 mm)


Men's Skull bracelet Get over It

Trendy men's bracelet Get over It, black, matt black, mix green, lava stone, silver charm Skull, (10 mm)


Men's Skull bracelet Turkish Delight

Trendy men's bracelet Turkish Delight, mix matt green, steel silver colour Skull, JayC's centre piece (10 mm)


Men's Skull bracelet Hades

Trendy men's bracelet Hades, matt red/grey, matt facet black, silver colour Skull, steel colour JayC's spacers (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Dalyphin

Trendy men's bracelet Dalphyin, black, hematite blue, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Donald Skull

Trendy men's bracelet Donald, facet black, tiger-eye, steel charm goldcolor Skull, (10 mm)


Men's bracelet Noir Brillant

Trendy basic men's bracelet Noir Brillant, shiny black, silver-colored spacers, (8 mm)

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